Swing DJs are a leading DJ group offers the best music experience in the show industry.

Swing is a music company that has many years of experience in hosting music events and parties for audiences of all tastes and needs. The recommendations we receive for the quality of work are highly positive. You will be able to find reviews and opinions on all social networks.

We are working all over the globe, carefully working out to the smallest details to make sure our audience will be exited during the show. We own a huge music library of all times and styles. We use a professional studio complex with advanced and modern equipment and creating the best Remixes and Edits. We believe that music is the language of love and this is how we spread it.

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What we bring with us?


Professional Musical Accompaniment

We will provide the best modern music for your event while corresponding to the taste of each guest.


Quality Service

Our team will accompany you before and during the event so you can stay calm and relaxed.


Musical Program

Together with you, we will compose a suitable musical program for you and your guests.

Professional DJ Show

A professional DJ who will make sure all your guests are dancing. We also combine acoustic instruments and live musicians for a unique show


Jack Raif

Producer, Host and DJ
"Music is a beating heart, as long as the rhythm plays, the game continues."

Jack came from a house of musicians, a group of 14 musicians who performed live music around the globe, which his parents led.

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Jack began his musical career with his family as part of the band. His role was as a DJ in a group that plays live music. At the age of 16, he performed in front of hundreds of people, the public, and representatives of different categories around the globe (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Los Angeles, New York, etc.).

Jack quickly realized that music is not only his love but also his profession for life, and so it happened. At the age of 21, Jack began to collaborate with event organizers, which turned to him because of Jeck’s services’ needs. During his career, he helped many event producers who asked for help and advice. Jack also original music versions for DJs.

Over the years, as Jack gained the experience and skills of a professional DJ and host, he realized that the real energy that he was looking for was in the weddings and festivals atmosphere. There are many types of events, but when it comes to a wedding or a festival, there is a more special charm and excitement, love, family reunions, friends, and other elements that form this magical atmosphere that made Jack fall in love. It gave him more power to provide the best services.


DJ and Producer
"Want to get to know the person? Check out the playlist on their phone ..."

Meet the man who will bring you a soundtrack from the world of nightlife and clubs!

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In the night scene, Albert Mansharov, also known as Dj Tino, started his career at a very young age playing at friends’ birthdays and small events while using old and classic equipment. Tino was in charge of the music in every family and school event from birth. From childhood, Tino was surrounded by music and was up to date regarding every new song that came out in the world. Growing up, he plunged into the world of nightlife and prestigious clubs in Tel Aviv and Israel in general, and from there, his musical career only developed.

Tino is a graduate of Sela’s sound engineering and music production school. Today you will be able to hear his original music – amazing electronic techno house on Spotify and many other platforms. Tino's connection from the nightlife to weddings formed when he was 24 when a friend asked him to be the DJ at his wedding. The atmosphere he created with all the knowledge and skills he had accumulated over the years led to a completely different experience for this event. Immediately after years of hosting hundreds of events, gathering many reviews and recommendations, more and more couples want Tino to attend their event.


DJ and Producer
"When the beat is good, the rest will be good"

From the depths of electronic music and the techno scene that returned to us after many years back on the dance floor, Eden appeared who opened the new techno era with a particularly impressive sound and performance.

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Eden started as an electronic music creator. The world of music production was revealed to her back in high school when one of her friends asked to play original music Eden created, and from this day – it all started. Friends and the school started inviting Eden to play at their parties, birthdays, school parties, graduation parties, and famous clubs of Tel Aviv.

Very quickly, Eden fell in love with the thrill of being absorbed. She understood where her music could go and how it was expressed in the open in terms of energy, musical delivery, and audience reading at the right moments. Today, after years of experience in the field, Eden transmits her musical tone deep in the Tel Aviv scene in a unique soundtrack that cannot be missed. She holds a resume of massive productions we all know, festivals, weddings, and nightclubs of Tel Aviv.

Dudi Ben Moshe

DJ and Producer
״There are two ways to achieve 100% adrenaline in the body. The first is skydiving, the second is the energy of the dance floor״

After years of creating original music in the industry, working with artists, playing in events of all kinds, weddings, and electronic music productions, Dudi realized that he could express the experience and tools he had accumulated over the years into the wedding and clubs world.

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In addition to his love of music, Dudi is a sound freak who strives to reach the maximum quality, a graduate of Sela College in sound engineering and production. You will find his original music in all the music networks (YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and more). A wedding DJ is measured by his professionalism in several parameters, one of which is the combination of different music styles at the appropriate timing.

In order to create one big picture of a unique and accurate soundtrack throughout the events Dudi played at, he had to gain experience. Today Dudi is an expert in weddings, playing a variety of music of any style and surprising the audience with precise song selection.

Our Music

Music is a universal language and is a great way to express emotions. Music is a powerful tool that affects our mood and makes us feel good. Music has the power to change our lives and reshape our memories, music has always been a big part of our lives, and from the moment we are born, music is present in each of us. Music has many purposes - it can create an emotional response, entertain and help people relax. We decided to take the music one step further and give those energies to you on the dance floor. Deep inside our studio libraries, you will find unique versions that you will not hear anywhere else. It's just a tiny taste. Enjoy!

Live Music

Irina Shklyar


A unique electric violin show from Irina Shklyar. Performing modern adaptations of classics and tango, Balkans, and improvisations to electronic dance music. Professional musical and artistic performance. A show that sounds great and looks fantastic! Each number is a brilliant performance. Completely diverse costumes. Tremendous work experience on the sites of Israel, Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, etc.



A new saxophone player we didn’t see in a lot of time! Tatiana is one of the best saxophone players on the globe. In the last five years, she has been on tour around Asi’s most beautiful places. Tatiana is an artist that has much energy, especially when it comes to the dance floor while combining her instrument with Live-On-DJ.

Nel Abir


Nel brings many years of experience in different events as a professional drummer. Nel knows how to set the right rhythm for the dance floor with the combination of a DJ.



Buzuki is an authentic instrument, provides a pleasant atmosphere. The Buzuki instrument gives us an Israeli-Arabic style.

How Our Music Looks Like
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